An increasing trend towards ethnic interiors prompted us to introduce unusual interior products. The designs of the manufactured goods are based on ancient practices and the wood used is either naturally seasoned old timber, if not, treated new timber of top quality. The teakwood carved swing or jhoola is a masterpiece that was pioneered by us. It has been in production for nearly 30 years now. Over the years the structure and proportion have been altered to achieve maximum durability and safety. It is available in a choice of colours and can be dismantled and shipped to a destination of your choice. The large kathakali chest and malabar boxes are manufactured using original techniques and designs. They come in a variety of sizes.

Intricately carved old pillars and ceilings are modified into utility furniture to blend with modern homes. Large bronze uralis, bull heads, unusual pottery, old lamps, masks, etc are also offered as per availability. The Company also offers intricately carved old teakwood doors in magnanimous sizes. These can either be displayed as part of the decor or fitted and used. Large wooden and stone mandapas which fit in very well for indoor as well as outdoor use are also part of the product line. The Company also handles large vahanas which were once used during festivals as processional pieces. These are striking objects in wood and often covered with polychrome as per tradition. They were brought out on to the streets during festivals.

The interior division also undertakes turnkey interior projects for temples and institutions. Over the years services have been rendered to corporate offices, institutes, resorts, temples etc. The Company has the track-record of having undertaken large temple interior contracts in offshore destinations.

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