The artefacts division which began with the manufacture of buttons and curios in 1930 soon ventured into the most difficult aspect of art creation - figurines.

Today, the Company is known the world over for its life-like images. The Company is well known for it's dynastical carvers. Grand-children and great-grand children of the carvers who once worked for the founder now work for the present generation of Natesan's. These Master craftsmen work on media as diverse as wood, metal and stone. The entire production from design to finishing is completed in-house. Great care is taken to ensure that every creation is perfect in proportion and posture with impeccable facial details and expression. Styles vary depending on the dynasties in ancient India. Stone sculptures follow the great Hoysala style. Wood working is influenced by the Kerala style. Bronzes are created keeping in mind Chola and Hoysala iconography. They are also given a lovely antique finish in order to appeal to modern sensibilities. The highly skilled team creates artifacts ranging from small cute curios and up to life size and even larger than life. Designs and sizes can be customized as per the needs of the client.

The division has now launched the TNN series, in honor of the founder Late T.N.Natesan. This exclusive range is made in limited quantity and in unusual finishes.

Experienced sales personnel ensure that each piece is carefully packed, insured and shipped to the country of choice. Shipment modes today are sea, air and door-delivery (courier).

These artefacts are cultural eye openers for young Indian children brought up outside their homeland.

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